CHOSEN (prod by Marz P)


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Chosen is an upbeat, enthusiastic record with a commercial sound that still leaves room for Kain to deliver his "do what you love" message while pushing the listener to realize that where they are is not where they will always be. You're here for a reason. Let's work.


They don't really know much I prayed for this
I was on my own I had to take a risk
Busy on my grind and I ain't changing it
And now I'm feeling like I'm really made for this

Gotta count yo blessings, every day a new lesson
Stack money like you hurting, more money less stressing
Never worry bout a hater, they just building yo buzz
Keep ya team on point, and never speak too much
They gone hate it, they gone hate it you ain't got nothin to do wit it
Stay on yo grind remember the times when they ain't have nothing to do wit it
Now they act like they know you, and they all want pictures
Way before you even came up niggas didn't wanna deal wit ya
Hands out for a handout, them the people won't talk to
Now they all on the gram trynna be a fan, watch who you talk to
Eyes open for the snakes, eyes open for the snakes
Pay attention to the seeds you plant even gardens ain't safe
My team we straight, best believe we straight
Everything on go and we ain't even left the gate
Best advice is just pace, build ya lane create space
Let them worry bout hate, it's a marathon not a race

HOOK (x2)

All eyes on me, got me feeling like PAC
Royalty in the flesh, kiss the ground when I walk
Ain't never had it All, but I love what I got
Cherish now you can live later, bitch I'm claiming my spot!
Theyont know why they hate me, got in the game and went crazy
Got the keys now that's major, doin it all wit no label
Call tomorrow for yo favors, you ain't talking bout Nathan
And if it ain't what I'm trynna hear then you dead I'm turning that station
True enough I'm in a black drop might change it out for the season
Feeling blessed got a queen beside me, I ain't talking bout Khadijah
Peep the way that I'm leaning, sauce god my demeanor
Stay fly, no reason, don't I make it look easy "oh"

HOOK (x2)


released July 21, 2017
Produced by Marz P
Recorded, Mixed, and Engineered by CTS Sounds at Underbase Recording Studios - Greensboro, NC



all rights reserved


KAIN North Carolina

I aspire to In$pire...
That's all. My music speaks for me, you decide who you think I am.

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